Welcome to the Journey!
WALDEN CHAPEL UMC, 308 Franklin Road, GOODMAN, MS  39079  - "Bringing the Kingdom to Life"
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Welcome to the Journey!


Intentional Faith Development
Radical Hospitality
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Pastor's Blog

Welcome to the Journey!

Our job is to make disciples for the transformation of the world. We invite your comments on how we can become a more life-giving ministry. We embrace WWW:
WORSHIP a loving God!
WELCOME people!
WORK to see God's kingdom come!
Join us in "Worshipping God, Welcoming People, and Working for the Kingdom!

35 Comments to Welcome to the Journey!:

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One way to become a more life-giving ministry is to show personal example. If people can see in you what you want us to do then everything is alright in my opinion.
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